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The Sacred Cats of Burma

Celebrating the ethereal dilute Birman

Chocolate and Lilac Point Birmans
Seal Point and Blue Point Birmans Carrying the Chocolate Gene

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CH Nirmanakaya's Roisin Dubh
Photo by Jane Howard
CH Nirmanakaya's Rabindranth
Photo by Chanan

The Nirmanakaya Birman Cattery is located in Central Massachusetts, near New England's second largest city, Worcester. Our goal is to produce chocolate and lilac point Birmans of excellent type and temperment.

The beautiful and affectionate Birman cat is most commonly available in the seal point and blue point colors. Chocolate and lilac point Birmans are as of yet relatively uncommon. Our mission, in collaboration with our partners, is to increase the number of Birmans in these delicate colors and to insure the quality of these cats.

The word "nirmanakaya" is from the Buddhist tradition and deals with magical transformation. This word was chosen as the name of the cattery because of the magical transformation that occurred in the Birman legend.

Nirmanakaya Birmans are proud to be working with Chatange Birmans, Santal Birmans, Dreamwalk Birmans and Tarazed Birmans

Photo of PR Dreamwalk's Ozymania Fogdancer by Winthrop
Photo of Nirmanakaya's Quel Beau Reve by Vickie Jackson
Photo of Santal Printemps by Winthrop

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