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Experienced software engineer specializing in accurate customer-focused design and implementation.


Skills/Computer languages


Java (including Swing), Javascript, DOM, HTML, PHP, Perl, C/C++, Windows 2000, NT, 95/98, UNIX, VMS, Microsoft Visual C, Developer Studio, Client-server java and C++ programming, Certificates, code signing, SSL, Assembly Language, Clearcase, TestTrack, WINSOCK TCP/IP programming,  X Server, X Windows, Motif, Emacs, Unix Bash shell, internationalization, Quality Assurance, MySql, SQL, VBScript, ASP .


Recent Professional Experience


Web Developer                CT, Inc.                                  Waltham Ma (3/05 – current)

·        Designing, developing, modifying, and maintaining ASP / VBScript web site pages for list database system .

Skills: ASP, SQL, VBScript, Javascript, CSS, Html


Java Developer                Innovation Merchants              Littleton Ma (8/04 – current)

·        Developing java gui using swing classes, sockets, xerces, xml.  This gui talks to other components with xml and sockets.  It's designed on the j2ee and j2sdk platform.

Skills: Java, Swing, J2SDK, J2EE, JBuilder, XML


Independent Software engineer contractor                               2000 – current


Software Engineer           Cyphermint                             Marlboro Ma (3/04 – 7/04)

·        Developed, debugged, and maintained screen-scraping layer for AAA kiosk, plus provided post production root cause isolation of customer problems, supplying technical support by phone.   Also provided QA support to find and fix the bugs before the customers did.


This project also included installing and evaluating the Apache Tomcat server for use with java server pages ( JSP's ).  We finally settled on thin client with javascript, however.

Skills: MSXML, XML, Javascript, HTML, TestTrack, Accurev, screen scraping, repurposing, web development, Apache server, Tomcat server, JSP


Web Developer                       Dr. Barry Taylor              Weston Ma  (9/03 – 2/04)

·        Designed and launched interruptible and recoverable online patient intake form, with ongoing debugging and technical support, including CSS to enforce consistent presentation.



Software Engineer                   FairyTale Fashion            Watertown Ma  (3/03 – 9/03)

·        Implemented MIVA e-commerce interface for clothing design company, and provided on-going technical support for the interface.  Used CSS for proper store-front look.

Skills: HTML, Javascript, CSS, MIVA. Technical Support


Web Developer                       Postmark Press               Watertown Ma (3/02 – 3/03)

·        Created modification tool for modifying font layout “on the fly”, giving customer freedom to choose their own style and see it in context.

·        Designed retailer list interface page , allowing customer to modify the list without having to engage the web developer.  Implemented standard styles in CSS file.

Skills: Javascript, DOM , PHP, DHTML, HTML, CSS


Java Developer                       Sitescape                         Maynard Ma  (5/01 – 2/02)

·        Developed secure web application allowing local folders to be efficiently dragged directly onto any remote computer, using Java, swing, and J2EE SDK.

Skills: Java J2EE, Swing, drag-drop, applet, JTree, SSL, multi-part mime, internationalization


Software QA Engineer            APEngines                       Maynard Ma  (10/00 – 4/01)

·        Analyzed the Java code, and created comprehensive XML diagnostic troubleshooting tool to drive test of the code

·        Answered problems discovered by QA team when they ran my script

Java developer

·        Designed and developed  Java communication between management storage layers, giving easily-extendable interface.

·        Created easy customer work-order tracking for cable and telephony provisioning workflow system by expanding RMI and Corba connection .

Skills: Java, XML, technical support, QA, RMI, Corba, Clearcase


Java developer                        self                                  Waltham Ma (1/98 – 8/98)

·        Designed and built Java client-server middleware, allowing both client and server to have increased features without having to modify either one.

Skills: middleware, Java, JDK, streams, sockets, frames, Swing, multi-threading


Software Engineer at Compaq/Digital Equipment Corp.                 1994 – 2000


Principal Software Engineer                      Littleton Ma (7/96 – 5/2000)   

·        Increased customer base by enhancing Excursion X Server under Pathworks 32 on Windows 2000, NT, W95/W95, and provided back line support to both customers and internal users for the server.

Skills: X Server, Winsock, TCP/IP, DECnet, C++, Microsoft Visual C, Visual Studio, COM interface, MFC, Windows 2000, NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Technical Support


Principal Software Engineer                                         Marlboro Ma  (1/96 – 6/96)

·        Developed and debugged X Motif Excursion X server in C++ on NT under MULTIA project, improving functionality and performance.

Skills: X Motif, X Server, C++, NT, registry, Xlib, API development


Senior Software Engineer                                             Marlboro Ma (1/95 – 12/95)

·        Designed and implemented LAT support in VTSTAR, using C++ for MULTIA project on NT, increasing number of supported platforms.

·        Created X Windows cut-and-paste interface, giving the customer an integrated design with what they are already used to.

·        Built asynchronous design, taking advantage of WSAAsyncSelect for improved performance.

Skills: LAT, C++, NT, X Windows


Senior Software Engineer                                             Maynard Ma (1/92 – 12/94)

·        Developed multiple unix platforms solutions for VTSTAR terminal emulator, and on both NT and Windows 3.1, vastly increasing number of platforms the code was supported on.

·        Designed and implemented TELNET support, including interfacing to TRUMPET WINSOCK, which improved performance and simplified the design. 

·        Created Multi-page support for VTSTAR emulation. SSU (Session support Utility) on UNIX OSF, SCO AIX, providing compatibility with VT420 architecture.

·        Ported DECTERM to SUN UNIX workstation, including LWP (lightweight processes) for Regis graphics threads support, giving color Regis graphics for the first time on that platform.

·        Designed and built OSF thread support for DECTERM regis graphics in VXT 2000 project, increasing market share in the workstation domain.

·        Implemented DECTERM printing support, ASYNC I/O, international characters.  SIXEL graphics, improving our terminal emulator competitive edge.

·        Led the project for TEK Tektronix 5125 emulator under X Windows Motif on both Unix and VMS, facilitating efficient production and communication between management, documentation, and engineering teams.

Skills: Unix, Telnet, Winsock, OSF, SCO, AIX, multi-threading, Regis graphics, TEK 5125, X Windows Motif



BSEE Syracuse University