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Invest in the future of Exit Art / The First World.

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Volunteering at Exit

   Exit Art / The First World serves as a prototype for the way different media and disciplines are combined, creating a new model to interpret this period in our cultural history. These include the Trickster Theater, a new experimental theater group and The First World Performance Theater presentations, composed of individual performance artists. Our needs include everything from administrative support to stage managing and video editing.

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Submitting Slides

   Exit Art / The First World reviews artists' materials on an ongoing basis. If you would like us to review your work, please send:

  • 10-20 Sides or photocopies
  • A resume and description of your work
  • any necessary backgrounf material (artist statement, press)
  • a self addressed stamped envelope to return your materials

Please do not send original slides, photographs or expensive portfolios. Do not give us materials that you need back immediatly. Do not ask to pick up materials; you must include a SASE.

It takes at least two months to review work. Please be patient. We will contact you or return the work after it has been reviewed. Do not call to check on the status of your slides. If you have not heard from us yet, we have not finished the review.

Since we can not claim responsibility for submitted materials, send only replacable documentations and provide the means for its return.

Send materials to:

    Slide Review
    Exit Art / The First World
    548 Broadway, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10012