Exit Art / The First World

   Exit Art / The First World was founded in 1982 by Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo, as a non-profit cultural center dedicated to transcultural, multi-disciplinary explorations of contemporary art issues. Exit Art / The First World is committed to organizing and presenting experimental and historical projects exploring the diversity of contemporary culture in the visual arts, theater, design, film and video.

   Exit Art / The First World provides a unique historical perspective on the culture by establishing a dialogue which places the diversity of histories, values and aesthetic sensibilities in contemporary art within a context of the transcultural reality of art in the 90s. Exit Art / The First World programs create a dialogue between the different levels of comprehension and interpretation of cultures. Exit Art / The First World serves as a prototype for the way different media and disciplines are combined, creating a new model to interpret this period in our cultural history. As the country addresses its new place in the global culture, Exit Art / The First World is approaching the arts in a multilayered vision for a dynamic future.

Exit Art / The First World:

   Exit Art / The First World intertwines the characteristics of art, culture and ethnicity to produce a signal of the 'hybrid state'. The hybrid state is a perspective in which to look at the culmination of these values. Our mission is to redefine, reshape and restructure the definition of what is American, with multilevel relations in a cultural vocabulary.