Heart Attack - Karen Collins - 2005 (ASCAP)

Sparks started flying like July the fourth
As we smiled at each other cross the dancin' floor.
My face is flushed. They must have turned up the heat.
And my heart is a pounding to a zydeco beat.

Ch : My oh my, what a good looking guy.
Cool as an alligator, giving me the eye.
Outta the way gals, step on back.
I think I'm heading for a heart attack.

Now Mama wouldn't like it. She would disapprove
If I act too boldly and I make a move.
But he aint coming over. Maybe he's shy.
I won't let this opportunity pass me by.


He keeps on a smiling with a crooked grin.
Calm down heart I'm gonna a dance with him
He looks so sassy. Bet he's trouble for sure
But I can't wait to get him out on the floor.


It's a high voltage night and the air is sizzlin'
I'm pulled across the room by his magnetism.
My heart is beating like a big bass drum
Somebody better call 911.


I think I'm heading for a heart attack.