Highway of Love - Karen Collins - 2006 (ASCAP)

I've been waiting, for my true love
For my own special man.
Been waitin' on this corner ...all my life
But Destiny is stuck in a traffic jam.

I'm taking a detour 'round the traffic
On this highway of love.
No more waiting on Fate.
No more wishing on stars above.
Taking matters into my on hands
Rollin' 'round the traffic jam
Heading down that highway of love.

Revin' up my engine. Pedal to the floor
Shiftin' into overdrive
Gotta get moving, tired of wasting time.
I'll leave Fate in the dust as I roll by.


I'm taking out a personal classified,
Full page spread to catch his eye.
He'll come running to my side
And join me on this thrilling ride, thrill..ing ride.