Hurricane - Karen Collins/Sycamore Songs (ASCAP) 2004

Oh Mr. Weatherman, hear my request
And name a hurricane after my ex.
Now, I'm not out for spite. Don't get me wrong.
But he's at least as bad as a mean cyclone.
Oh Mr. Weatherman, fill out the forms
And put his name on the list of deadly storms.

Mr. Weatherman, hear my plea.
So all the world may know what he's done to me.
As he blew out of town it became so clear.
He was leaving me alone, knee deep in tears.
Mr. Weatherman, it's a sight to see.
My broken heart lies buried in debris.

Bridge :
On the Saffir-Simpson scale
He's a category five.
And the way he ploughed right through my heart
It's a wonder I'm alive.
Mr. Weatherman, I do admit
That I'm still reeling from the force of a direct hit.

So Mr. Weatherman, send an SOS
He's a destructive force, a potential threat.
A trail of shattered dreams lie in his wake.
Better shutter up your hearts girls and evacuate.
Oh Mr. Weatherman, my story's grim
Please name a hurricane after him.