Rumors - Karen Collins - 2004 (ASCAP)

Rumors. Nasty rumors,
Fly like buzzards in the sky
Calling your name tied to her name
In a relation you deny.
Reckon you'll have some explanation.
That the rumor's false & I'm mislead.
But you'd better watch your back, Jack.
There's buzzards circling round your head.

Oh you smooth, sweet talking cowboy.
This time your smile won't pay your bail.
Evidence sure points to guilty.
I think it's time. You hit the trail

Trouble. Signs of trouble.
Gloomy clouds, stormy skies.
You say it's all just dirty rumors.
Fabrications, flat-out lies.
That song and dance wore out long ago.
Damage done. So head on down the road.
Best skedaddle. Grab your saddle.
And say goodbye. That's all she wrote