Karen Collins


Karen Collins & The Backroads Band - Tail Lights Blues Azalea City ACCD-0702

“ Karen has one of those voices perfect for Country music, lots of character and a little bit of an edge. She reminds me of another of my favorite East Coast singers, Betsy-Dawn Williams, and also a little of Seattle singer Ruby Dee. She's also got an excellent band with a few fine guest players on pedal steel, dobro, accordion etc. But the real frosting on the cake is the fine original songs. Karen wrote 8 of the 13, and my favorite so far in a close race is "Guitar Queen". I'm going to enjoy giving the others, like "Honky Tonk Guitar", "Highway Of Love", "Song Gone Wrong", the title song (Karen's first original - which prompted steel player Buddy Charleton, formerly with Ernest Tubb, to remark "I wish that Ernest could have heard your songs.") and the others a chance to take over my top spot! There are also a couple originals on the CD by other band members, and covers like "Sentimental Journey", "Only Mama That'll Walk The Line" and "Feudin' And Fightin"' from George Jones & Melba Montgomery. Collins plays guitar and fiddle in addition to her excellent vocals, and this one is a highly recommended entry into the Honky Tonk sweepstakes in which we are all winners!

Blue Suede News - Summer 2007