Fresh! Literary Magazine  Writing Contest  -  Winners list:

2008 Contest Winners

Short Story -  First Place              

Phylis Warady                                  A Deathly Chill

Short Story -  Second Place

Rana Tahir                                       My Church

Poetry  -  First Place

Dr. Marian Shapiro                         Finding You

Poetry  -  Second Place

Marianne LaValle Vincent               Thoughts about April (and Mikey)

Teens’ Short Story -  First Place  

Margaret Thompson                        Sparrow in Winter

Teens’ Short Story -  Second Place 

Mary Wu                                          Brought Back



2007 Contest Winners

First Place Short Story                 

Marjorie Schlitz                                The Ghost Princess

Second Place Short Story

Phylis Warady                                  Whatever Will Be, Will Be

First Place Poetry

Julia Carlson                                    My Boy Friend’s Grandpa

Second Place Poetry

Marian Kaplun Shapiro                   Artist’s Inventory

Honorable Mention

Ed Galing                                         Shadows On The Wall

Barbara Bialick                                Good Question

First Place Teens’ Short Story

Sarah Henningsen                            In the Midst of the Hallway

First Place Teens’ Poetry

Mali Lim                                           Ode to Sunday Mornings


2006 Contest Winners

Short stories First Place,                  “Gardenia Rain,” by Brandon Norsworthy

Second Place,                                   The Idont ‘t Care ‘ Bear by Marjorie G. Schlitz

Honor Mention,                               “The Car Cape,” by Candace West

Poetry Winners First Place,              “The Phanton” by Candace West

Second Place,                                   “Into the Looking Glass” by James Baxter

Honor Mention,                               “Beautiful Crowd” by Kayla Ferragen


2005 Short Story Winners

First Place Winner                           Charles Rammelkamp    The Critique

Second Place Winner                       Marjorie Schlitz              A Town Called Justice

Third Place Winner                          Mary Wu                        No Limit

Fourth Place Winner                        Damion Hamilton          Going Home Again


2005 Poetry Winners

First Place winner                            Marianne Vincent           For My Father

Second Place winner                        Camille Braccia             Untitled

Third Place winner                          Brandon Norsworthy     Calm

Honorable Mention                          Damion Hamilton          For The Lonely


2004 Contest Winners

Short Story Contest

First place,                                        Mary McCullough

Second place,                                   Tom Meek

Third place,                                      Marjorie G. Schlitz


Poetry Contest

First place,                                        Robert Busch

Second place,                                   Charles Rammelkamp

Third place,                                      Marianne Vincent