. . . no matter what happens to me

the moon will continue shining bright

in the night high above the trees . . .

Yes it would be exciting to go to Mars

two-to-three-year round-trip

depending upon how long you stay there.

Because the spacecraft could be assembled in space

at the ISS it could be big and spacious not

a simple capsule and therefore have more room

for all kinds of food and games, exercise equipment, etc.

Although space on board would still be at a premium

not room enough for everything you were accustomed to.

If I were 40 years younger

would be a mind-blowing adventure but these days

I need to psych myself up for the six-hour flight

to San Francisco to see the grandkids

and on JetBlue I have all the snacks I can handle.

Copyright 2022 by Michael Estabrook

Michael Estabrook is a published poet. His work is well received in varies online and printed anthologies. He resides in Massachusetts with his wife who he adores. Michael is the author of “Two Sides of The Same Coins.”