Questions About Color

Did you say that at 8 you walked over to a colored water fountain because you wanted to see colored water?

You wanted to see which color of ROYGBIV would spout out?


Were you surprised to see that there was no pot of gold waiting for you after you took a drink of privilege?

Shocked at the familiar taste of white only water coming from the colored side?

Were your eyes deceiving you when you could see straight through the stream to the sign hanging on the wall?

Was that the day everything and everyone lost their pigment?

At age 16, could you tell the difference between a traffic signal to yield and the order to go?

At 18, did you not wear your alma mater's colors in spirit and pride?

As an adult, you probably can't recognize the distinct difference between an apple or an orange; can you?

Yes, completely different, but uniquely exquisite in taste; Fruit.

At 8 a.m. this morning, when you decided to wear that red tie instead of the blue,

Was that a fluke?

Decisions aren't and can't possibly be made based on skin

Is that so impossible to fathom?

Are you choosing to be blind to what makes me, me?

Do we all look, act, and sound the same?

Inferior to you?

Are you allowing your ignorance to act as a shield?

Am I invisible to you?

Do I not exist?

Does my family, my history not resonate with you?

Do you feel I'm not important enough to acknowledge?

Are you just choosing to say you don’t see color so that you can continue to ignore the diverse world around you?

Besides if you don't see me, then there's no problem, right?

Copyright 2022 by Sherrella Rollins

Sherrella Rollins

I'm a teacher, wife, and mother of two boys.

I'm originally a Christian Spoken Word Artist. However, recently I've been inspired to explore multiple subjects.