Henry Hample

With Don Fontenot and Friends of Louisiana
at the Liberty Theater, Eunice, La., 2013.

  • Watch the Has Beans on the "Swamp N Roll" TV show, 2023 (Henry Hample, fiddle and vocals)

  • Listen to "If Those Shoes Could Talk" by Lisa Trahan & L'Esprit Cadien, 2015 (Henry Hample, fiddle)

  • Watch "Bosco Stomp" by Sheryl Cormier & Cajun Sounds, 2010 (Henry Hample, fiddle)

  • Watch "Quelle Etoile" by Jamie Berzas & Cajun Tradition, 2010 (Henry Hample, fiddle)

  • Watch "Bayou Teche" by Steve LaFleur & Mamou, 2011 (Henry Hample, fiddle)

  • Listen to "Mes Racines Cadien Sont Creux" by Ray Landry & Friends, 2008 (Henry Hample and Al Berard, twin fiddles)

  • With Jamie Berzas at the Liberty Theater, Eunice, La., 2019.

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