Take off your fez and stay a while.


AT DIXON PLACE, NYC, 12/21/16!

SUNNYLAND arose from McPaul tinkering in his home recording studio and sending files to the rest of the band on the Internet. Before long, everybody was writing new songs and working up new versions of old ones. The CD includes some of the band's usual lighthearted fare, but also explores weightier subject matter, particularly the untimely death of our beloved road manager, Dan Ratner.

As for the existing CDs (which are still available if you don't mind a cheesy homemade copy with no artwork or liner notes):

Three years in the making, THE BROWN ALBUM includes 16 songs, recorded live and in home studios throughout the band's career, 1989-1997. Songs include such previously unavailable WJ staples as "Boutros Boutros-Ghali," "The Old Cow Died," "My Old Man," "Old Buttermilk Sky," and that Neil Young parody that only Neil himself could have written, "Tired Eyes."

Click Here for THE BROWN ALBUM song list and liner notes.

The studio CD we released in 1994 was called THE WASH CYCLE. Produced by Karen Kohlhaas (of the Atlantic Theater Company) and Washboard Jungle, THE WASH CYCLE includes "Mrs. Murphy's Chowder," "The Washboard Sleeps Tonight," "The Ship Titanic," and eight others.

Click Here for THE WASH CYCLE song list and liner notes.


BOB GOLDBERG (keyboards, vocals, etc.) Bob is a composer who continues to work under the aegis of the Brooklyn Academy of Noise, and performs with the Famous Accordion Orchestra.

HENRY HAMPLE (fiddle, vocals, etc.) Henry now lives in rural Louisiana, where he plays fiddle with several Cajun bands and teaches music in a local school. Visit Henry's website

McPAUL SMITH (bass, vocals, etc.) McPaul is currently a freelance writer, composer, and producer. He has worked as the head writer for such TV shows as "The Backyardigans" and "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?"

STUART CAMERON VANCE (guitar, vocals, etc.) Stu has his own design consulting business and, despite Henry's heckling, continues to write "sensitive guy" songs. Visit Stuart's website


DAN RATNER (1957-1996) (Washboard Jungle road manager) The only guy who could spend eight hours in a minivan with us without getting slugged.


Washboard Jungle, the last of the big-time post-modern jug bands, first got together in 1989. After five years of gigging up and down the Eastern Seaboard, things finally came to a head in 1994 with the release of our CD "The Wash Cycle," our raucous appearance on Fox TV's "Good Day NY," and a 15-performance run of our critically acclaimed stage show at HERE Arts Center. (Newsday raved, "When these guys are cooking, they fry up some of the screwiest, most soul-tickling music north of Wall Street.") Later that year, for reasons known only to our laundress, Washboard Jungle went down the drain.

But popular demand reached a new crescendo as the old millennium drew to a close. Nathaniel Lee, a former member of the Mark Morris Dance Group, choreographed a new dance-theater piece to four of our songs and performed it in the New York Fringe Festival in the summer of 1999. Our version of "The Ship Titanic" made the Top Ten of 1999 on "Kid's Corner," a syndicated radio show produced by WXPN-FM Philadelphia. Then, after a five-year hiatus, came the reunion concerts: Dixon Place in 1999, New York Theatre Workshop in 2000, and a pair of shows at Performance Space 122 in 2002 and 2003. Then a return to HERE in 2007, Dixon Place again in 2010.... and wash this space for more appearances.


Washboard Jungle's stage shows were aided and abetted by our director, Michael Yawney; our lighting designer, Diana Arecco Kane; and our costume designer, P. Chelsea Harriman. We take full responsibility for our choreography.

Washboard Jungle was supported in part by contributions from Mr. & Mrs. Lazarus Ratner and Mr. Aaron Etra.

Email Henry Hample for more info about Washboard Jungle.