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Schools on.... and so isSubculture. Let the games begin..... My friend Liz was just kicked out! She lived down the hall from me, was really funny, and loved to have a good time (that could be why she is no longer here) She will me MISSED because she was so funny, good hearted, and nice. Remember Liz The world is made of crack! Rumor has it after she was kicked out one of our deans felt so bad he bought her pizza. She's a cool chick and we'll all miss her.

Below is a story from junior year, Tomas is back this year. Good luck Tomas!



Hola Thomas

There was a guy who sat next to me in Spanish, and well duh, his "class name" was Thomas. He was the kind of under acheiving kid with over achieving parents who disapoints everyone, turns into a smart alec, and acts like an asshole. He would constantly interupt class when he came to class with hilarious and inapropriate jokes. example: "Snr. How do you say "ciggarette" in spanish? I heard they call them fags. So would I say I like to smoke fags?"

Thomas started to pick on me maybe around January, calling all kinds of nasty names and making me feel stupid. SO I went to the deans office and complained, BIG MISTAKE. Turns out the deans had been itching for an excuse to kick Thomas out and put mucho pressure on me to "do the right thing". This poor guy had been annoying me, and now all of a sudden I had his future in my hands! I had to think long and hard, but I decided I was not angry enough to want Thomas out of school. What I did was go speak to Thomas. He was sitting amoungst his buddies and I walked over and told him we had to talk. His friends who expected us talking as much as they expected Jerry Garcia to rise from the dead and play polka music went silent, and Thomas was just as surprised. I told Thomas that if he stopped making fun of me I wouldn't go any further, PLUS I told him that the deans had tried to make me kick him out. He was very grateful and the teasing stopped ASAP. The deans later tossed him out on a minor technicality, kina like throwing the book at BUGSY for tax evation, but I found a new respect with Thomas and his crunchie friends.