Make Up! smack.gif


Oh Goodie- I know my make up like nothing else! I've learned from years of experiance on fashion shoots, the secret tips that make models look extra good.

For Starters, lets go over how to make your lips glossy, tastey, and perfect.

1. Spread a thin coat of mouth gloss over your lips, I use a flavor so it'll taste better.

2. Pucker your lips like your going to kiss someone and carefully blot them with your lips stick, only touching the area that's puckered.

(Lip stick you can spread on with your fingers, instead of a tube, is faster and better to use. LORAC makes the best kinds in my opinion)

3. Keeping your lips puckered apply another coat of lip gloss.

4. LIGHTLY blot your lips on a tissue

5. Put on another coat of lip gloss with your lips puckered- and TAAAADAAA! Nice lipskissgif.gif


Coming Soon... Eyes, Cheeks, Hair Do's, Jewelry.....