Pants Problems, Shorts Scares, and BellBottoms from Hell:sprkls_4.gif

Jeans Here we go- the one item of clothing schools always to hate because it looks good, feels good, and you already own several pairs. I personally like the jean. Once you find a pair that looks good on you, almost everyone will keep them until the day they fall apart at the seams.

- When looking for jeans: 1) make sure they don't bunch up at the butt 2) make sure they don't cut into your stomach so that it flops over 3) make sure there not so tight that buttoning then up causes the blood to stop flowing to your brain.

The tight jean isn't really a look anymore unless your a tasteless piece of country trash. So try to have your pants slightly tight near your waist, and more baggy towards the ankle. This style is know as the flare and is very comfortable and popular among name brand designers.

Bellbottoms first of all let me congradulate you for admitting you have a problem- wearing bellbottoms is a horrible waste of a body, but now we can take the next step and show you what went wrong.

During the early 90's there was a fad which consisted of remaking the 70's + the obnoxious bell bottoms. People swarmed to buy this out dated trend, and though by 1994 the fad had died, people who had spent hundreds of dollars on pants were refusing to give up the habit of wearing them. Till this day yo see people hanging around in these tacky things. But is the bell bottom useless? No- actaully its not. Consider havig fun with your left over 'bells', simply let "reuse- remake- recycle" be your motto! Cut them up for a funky scarf or pair of curtains. Make them into patches for when your good pants get holes. Or if push comes to shove give them to charity, that really shows "reuse- remake- recycle" in action!

More to come!!