Once Upon a Time...

True love isn't like the books is it?

Well I've decided that guys don't understand girls

and vice versa. So for your convenience I've made

a list of how chicks view love dovey


how the male species views it.

Please keep your hands inside and enjoy the ride.

Love vs. let's get it on!

Girly: First kiss jitters Guy: First chance to see if she has bad breath

Girly: Virgin, so what?     Guy: I lost it when I was 11 with 2 hot lesbians

Girly: 1- 3rd Base are forplay Guy: Baseball needs cheerleaders

Girly: thong = kinky Guy: Thong= prude... Whip= kinky

Girly: Porn is nasty! Guy: Porn and oxygen are necessary for life

Girly: Pretty in pink Guy: What? No leather?

Girly: True Love? Guy: Will she give me a blow job?