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Ok, so dances at Kent aren't always the latest party in a bottle (i.e they suck) but that still doesn't mean you can't leave an impression. Shirts comes in so many shapes and sizes that they can make a statment just by looking at them.

The tank topThis sleeveless wonder is beyond stylish in New York and Miami right now. It's perfect to show off toned arms or a nice stomach- and can be worn by dress down preps, fashion freaks, or grungy girls. This top is like the United Nations of shirts it's so diverse. And in so many patterns and colors almost everyone who wears it looks good.

lampuz.gifBe warned, tanks tend to look horrible with flabby arms or if worn over baggy shirts.

The all American T-Shirt Ok- everyone on earth has one of these. They are by far a popular brand of top, but surprize, surprize, not everyone looks as good in them as they may think. T-shirts are famous for bunching up on hips, making them look bigger, while "Tiny-T's", as they've been so affectionatly named, can make your ribs look like a roll of fat with the smaller sleeves making your arms buldge out to appear just as fat. Certain kinds of people can look great in a T, like girls with broud shoulders, girls who have no definate curves between there hips and chest, and very skinny girls. For the rest of us T- shirts can look nice if their medium sized or are worn over longed sleeve shirts. This T-shirt over longed sleeve is very popular with Ralph Lauren, and is one of the many trademark Preppie signs.

The V- neck What a great creation the V-neck truly is! This is one of the few shirts that looks good on everyone no questions asked. It makes the neck appear longer, cleavage look deeper, and has been used in every line of clothing from TRIPP right through good o'le Coco Chanel. I can't think of anything bad about this top.