Fall Fashion: is 2000 a time for trends, the end of the world, or both?sprkls_4.gif

GUCCI For fall Gucci released a line of wild floral patterns harking back to the 1960's. Pants then that would have set you back $15 cost about $250 with Gucci label. I loved the collections bohemien style with embroidery and rich beading- but for Lords sakes go to a vintage shop and get the same stuff for MUCH much less!

But if you MUST have that Gucci look (and it is rather yummy) plenty of rip off designers are selling dresses, tops, and pants with the same flower power print for hundred less, between 10-60 dollars.

oK, raise your hand if you HAVEN'T heard that awful "I like girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch" song. Geez, with lyrics like "New Kids on the block had a bunch of hits, chinese food makes me sick, and I dig girls that drop by for the summer..." I can almost smell this nasty group trying to get an endorsment deal with the all american clothing house "Abercrombie and Fitch." This is the only preppie label I wear, EVER. But heck, with sexy models and now a fun modern trendy look that screams "I spent $100 on a pair of pants and a tank top and I don't care!" it's kinda hard not to like them. Sure they may not always be cheap, but for taller or bigger girls Abercrombie has AMAZING clothing!

Plus "Abercrombie Girl" fragrence is one of the best I've ever sniffed!

TOP dollar

Embellished Embroidery I am a big fan of the falls top trend embroidery. It's on everything from jeans to sweaters. EXPRESS sells denium skirts and jeans for 20-40 dollars, these pants are a steal if you leggy. BEBE also is into embroidered pants for skinny and petite women.

But if you can, get your hands on as many ornate sweater sets as possible, tons of beading, LOTS of sparkle, and as much hand sewn pattern work as possible. Excess is in! (Just don't revert to some old 80's look)

chunky sweaters are also a huge seller, but buy the larger hand knit sweaters WITHOUT embroidery. Remember: buy small and tight sweaters with embroidery, and large chunky sweaters plain.