Arthur W. Winston

Dr. Winston received the B.A.Sc. degree from University of Toronto placing first over 800 engineering students, and was awarded 8 merit scholarships.  His Ph.D. degree was earned at MIT.  He has a broad range of industrial and academic experience, including Bell Telephone Company (Canada), National Research Council (Canada), MIT, Schlumberger, National Research Corporation, and Allied Research Corporation (Boeing).  He has co-founded several companies, and has served in high corporate and technical positions. He was responsible for the development of the Apollo Heat Shield

Re-entry Temperature Measurement System, and the development of a worldwide nuclear test monitoring system simultaneously holding several positions at Northeastern University.  He is currently Senior Associate Director of Gordon Institute of Tufts University, where he developed the graduate engineering management school receiving an EAB award.  He is also a Research Professor in the EECS Department.  He has produced over 100 papers and presentations and holds three patents.

IEEE Activities – (M’55-SM’87-F’91) OFFICES: Board of Directors, 1996-99; Educational Activities, Vice President, 1998-99; Region 1 Director, 1996-97; IEEE-USA Board of Directors, 1996-97.  COMMITTEES/BOARDS: IEEE Foundation, 2000; Audit Committee, 1996-98; Chair, 1997; Life Members Committee, Chair, 2000; Vice Chair, 1998-99; Pre-College Engineers Training, Leader, 1998-2000; Evolutionary Task Force, 1996-97; ETF Ad-hoc Committee on Core/Non-Core Issues, 1997; Implementation Committee on Structural Reorganization, 1996-97; Industrial Relations Committee, 1995; RAB Finance, 1996-97; RAB Longevity Recognition Working Group, 1997; RAB Nominations and Appointments, 1998-99; Regional Conference Committee, 1996-97; Project RE-SEED for Life Members Committee, Coordinator, 1997-2000; Ad-hoc Committee on Life Members Clubs, 1998-99; Electronic Services Steering Committee, 1998-99; Educational Activities Board, 1996-2000; Operating Committee, 1996-2000; EAB Finance, 1996-99; Continuing Education, 1996-99; Accreditation Policy, 1998-99; Liaison Committee, Vice Chair, 1996-97; Pre-college Education Coordinating, 1997-2000; Transnational Committee, 1999-2000; Planning and Review, 1997-98; Ad-hoc Committee to Review Board/ExCom/Entity Meeting Structure, Chair, 2000; Oversight Committee on Salary Data Collection and Survey Committee, 1993.  REGIONS:  Region 1: Workshop Presenter, 1993, 1996, 1999; Chapter Organizer, 1963.  SECTIONS:  Boston: Chair, 1993; Secretary, 1991-92; Lecture Series, Developer, 1990-91; Compensation Committee, 1996.  SOCIETIES/COUNCILS: Central New England Council: Board, 1992-1999; Chapter Formation.  Computer:  1999-2000.  Education:  1999-2000.  Engineering Management: 1999-2000.  CONFERENCES: First IEEE Conference Proceedings, 1959-60; ELECTRO, Director, 1993–2000; Electronic Industries Forum of New England Conference, Developer, 1992-2000; Northeast Electronics and Engineering Meeting, Chair, 1960.  AWARDS: Third Millennium Medal; EAB Major Innovation, 1995.