Arthur W. Winston
Candidate Statement

The IEEE must remain the worldwide leader in our profession!

As President, I will insure that the IEEE continues to take advantage of its strength, namely its volunteers and the intellectual property they create, and still remain a volunteer-driven, not a staff-driven organization.  I will work hard to actively engage IEEE staff, volunteer leaders, and members, and lead them in a truly dedicated and cooperative manner, cultivating an environment that promotes clear communication and harmonious working relationships at all levels of the organization.

The rapidly changing technological world presents opportunities but also perils for the future of the IEEE.  External competition is increasing and we need to make good business decisions to retain our importance and revenue generation.  We must take advantage of technology to make web-based educational courses and publications widely available to a global audience.  I have the hands-on business experience needed to meet these challenges.

We are moving into an exciting era where technology is elevating individual human life and creating new opportunities.  Education is becoming even more important.  We can enhance membership value by providing tutorials as a free member benefit. Working with the large industrial companies, we can expand our warehouse of courses and provide courses for industry. The small employer, with fewer resources, will also benefit, helping us to regain the support of industry for the employees’ participation in IEEE activities.

We must rebuild the confidence of local IEEE leadership.  Together, we can look forward to an exhilarating future!