My Choice
Lou Luceri, Long Island Section; Past Director, Region One

First, let me thank you for voting for me and allowing me to serve as your Regional Director in 1998-1999. You put your trust in me and put your vote on the line. I started putting some sweeping changes into effect, many of which have begun to appear in the makeup and the operation of the Region under the leadership of our Region Director, Dr. Irv Engelson. We are now more closely aligned with the operation of the IEEE Board, we have begun a streamlining process within the Regional Board of Governors to allow more decision making at the local level, and hopefully, we will increase the speed in which we can disseminate information to the membership.

It's that time of the year where I must now make a choice for IEEE President-Elect of the Institute for 2001. I, like you must also put my vote on the line and trust that I make a good choice. This year, I am exercising my voting right and choosing Dr. Art Winston for that position. I had the pleasure of working with Art on the Regional Board for a number of years, and find that he is a man of impeccable character. His background, both in industry and academia provides him with the ability to recognize the needs of the engineer who works on both sides of the arena...This has been an issue among the membership in the past, namely; How does "our" position really get represented?

This year, I attended the Professional Development Conference in Scottsdale, AZ over the Labor Day weekend. One of the activities was a debate among the candidates for IEEE President-Elect. Let me tell you first, that all the candidates are very well qualified and fielded the questions with ease. They are all good...believe me! They all know the issues and each has his own ideas as to how to handle them. But there was one thing about Art that stood out above the others...he was direct, succinct, to the point, and delivered no-nonsense answers that have still made a lasting impression on me. That's one thing that I have always liked about Art...he doesn't beat around the bush and back into a solution...he's up front and tells it like it is.

Art is also in a unique position as a petition candidate...he is not dependent on the support of the IEEE Board of Directors, and therefore is beholding to no one. Being an unencumbered leader with no Institutional ties allows him to present understanding and unbiased opinions on major issues.

Regarding his background as a leader, Art has demonstrated his executive ability as Senior Associate Director of the Gordon Institute of Tufts University, and has established an impressive record of achievements in industry as well as being an entrepreneur with his own company. Art has also represented the Region in many ways...he is a past chairman of the Boston Section, he has served as Region One Director, Vice-President of Educational Activities, chairman of the IEEE Audit Committee, Chair of Life-Member Activities, and is a member of the IEEE Foundation. As Harold Goldberg has stated: Art is no lightweight.

I think that he will make a fair and competent leader, and that's why I'm voting for him. I hope that this encourages you to do the same.

If you would like further information on Art, and the position that he has taken on IEEE issues, I suggest that you examine his web site at: Then, draw your own conclusions. I'm confident that you will agree with me.