Electric Market In New England - Present And Future
Presented by Mr. Craig Kazin, ISO New England

ISO New England, Inc. was established in July 1997 as a not-for-profit private corporation and charged with managing the New England Region's bulk power generation and transmission systems. This has been a daunting task in this age of electric deregulation as evidenced by the problems experienced by the California ISO.

Mr. Craig Kazin, Senior External Affairs Representative for ISO New England, will discuss the current workings of ISO New England and what changes to the New England electric wholesale market can be expected in the future.

The meeting will be held in the McCarthy Auditorium of Peabody Municipal Light Plant at 201 Warren Street Extension, Peabody. Coffee and donuts will be served prior to the presentation which will start at 6:30PM on Wednesday December 5, 2001. Please call Ronald Tabroff at (978)573-1240 for reservations and directions.