Fuel Cell Presentation
Paul Sabin, Protonex Technology Corp.

Where and When: The annual joint meeting of the IEEE, ASME, and SME will take place at the Higgins House of Worcester Polytechnic Institute on February 24. The meeting will begin with a social hour at 6:30 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m. and the program at 8 p.m.

Who: The program this year will feature an outstanding engineer and manager, Paul Sabin. Mr. Sabin is the director of product development for Protonex Technology Corp.. He has developed over two dozen products for medical, consumer, instrumentation, fitness and computer-peripheral markets. His products have received more than 10 industry and design awards. He has been awarded 6 US patents and has 6 pending. Mr. Sabin received an A.B. in Physics from Harvard University, An M.S. in Engineering Design from Tufts University and an M.B.A. from Babson College.

Program: The program will feature a Fuel Cell Presentation. Technical journals and the popular press are full of the promise and pitfalls of fuel cells. The technology is an old one, first demonstrated in 1839 by William Grove, but since then it has been unable to find significant application beyond the Space Program. Since the year 2000, Protonex has been focused on making fuel cells a commercial reality. Protonex makes fuel cells for portable power (not automotive) in the range of 20 to 1000 watts (e.g.- military radios). Their manufacturing technology dramatically reduces the cost of fuel cell stacks, overcoming one of the long-standing barriers to commercialization. At this meeting, the presentation will cover the state of the art, some current challenges and there will be a fuel cell demonstration.

Link to the presentation slides in Acrobat PDF (507 KB).

All are welcome to the program.

Those wishing to attend the dinner ($20) must call for reservations by February 12.
Meal choices are Apple Walnut Stuffed Chicken and Baked Scrod.
For reservations call: 508-831-5236

For further information contact Stan Tanenholtz <kstanen@rcn.com> at 508- 485-7185

Directions and a campus map are at http://www.wpi.edu/

Parking is available in the lot near Goddard Hall and there is a path leading down to the Higgins House.