Initiation of eNotice Service
Al Reinhart, Chair

In September, the Worcester County section initiated use of IEEE's eNotice service to inform section members that it will be the primary means of communicating section news to IEEE members in central Mass. If you did not receive the email announcing the use of eNotice it means you either have not provided your email address to the IEEE or the email address you provided needs to be updated. In either case, you are encouraged to visit , select Manage Your Membership, and update your membership information.

As of September, 95% of section members have provided the IEEE with their email address, with over 90% of them being valid. While you are updating or adding your email information, you should also consider the advantages of having an IEEE email alias. Those advantages include automatic virus checking on all email and attachments, and one-stop management of your email address changes.

The Worcester County Section executive committee encourages your participation in section activities and looks forward to meeting you at are next event.