Multimedia Delphi Application Development
Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing

Multimedia - enhanced text, sound, images, animation and video - has become an important technology for Delphi developers to understand and incorporate in their applications. This months meeting will focus on the major issues of interest to multimedia developers, investigate how multimedia can be handled in Delphi applications, and explore opportunities Delphi developers have for including multimedia technology in their applications. Using a multimedia Delphi application he recently developed, Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing, will demonstrate the multimedia effects he incorporated in the application and explain how he implemented them. The areas he will cover include:

Understanding and incorporating these and other multimedia techniques in your Delphi applications will produce a more polished and usable look and feel then the standard Windows user interface.

This meeting of the Worcester Section - Computer Society, held in conjunction with the Delphi Developers Group of Greater Boston, will be held on Monday March 16th, from 7:00 to 9:00 at Pencil Pushers - Tax Software, 10 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA. For additional information contact Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems at 508-869-6417 or