Distributed Application Development and
the Inprise VisiBroker Object Request Broker
Inprise Corp.

Distributed application development is evolving into the standard application architecture of the future. Application developers are being asked to build and deploy distributed applications that are component based, open, flexible, and interoperable across a wide range of platforms. At this months meeting we will look into cross platform, application development; the issues and technologies application developers will need to understand, and the Inprise VisiBroker products.

The Inprise VisiBroker set of solutions includes the following:

VisiBroker, a CORBA 2.0 Object Request Broker (ORB) written completely in Java with native support for CORBA's Internet Inter-ORB protocol (IIOP), enables developers to build and deploy distributed applications that are open, flexible, and interoperable across a wide range of platforms. VisiBroker allows developers to take advantage of Web, Internet and Intranet based technologies while leveraging the component re-use fostered by object-oriented computing.

VisiBroker Integrated Transaction Service (VisiBroker ITS), a transaction-management solution, delivers the features of a traditional TP monitor while meeting the requirements of distributed object applications. VisiBroker ITS simplifies the complexity of distributed transactions by providing an essential set of services: -an integrated product set that includes the VisiBroker ORB, naming and event services;

VisiBroker Naming Service is a mechanism to associate meaningful names to individual object implementations. VisiBroker Naming Service reduces the complexity of locating and retrieving objects from the thousands of objects available. An implementation of OMG's CORBA Naming Service specification, VisiBroker Naming Service provides a CORBA 2.0-compliant solution ensuring flexible, heterogeneous interoperability.

VisiBroker Event Service, an implementation of the OMG's CORBA Event Service specification, extends the capabilities of the VisiBroker ORB to include alternative communication mechanisms needed by event-based tasks. Through support for asynchronous invocations, VisiBroker Event Service allows the de-coupling of the traditional "clients" and "servers" and transforms applications into information "suppliers" and information "consumers". This supplier-consumer model reduces server traffic and improves scalability without impacting development efforts. VisiBroker Event Service is a CORBA 2.0-compliant, high-performance solution, guaranteeing interoperability within heterogeneous environments.

VisiBroker Manager supports and enhances the development, deployment and management of VisiBroker applications. By providing visual access to ORB information, developers can efficiently and effectively manage an applications operating characteristics.

This meeting of the Worcester Section - Computer Society, held in conjunction with the Delphi Developers Group of Greater Boston, will be held on Monday, November 16th, from 7:00 to 9:00 at Kronos, Inc., 400 Fifth Avenue, Waltham, MA. For additional information visit www.DisCom.com/delphi/ or contact Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems at 508-869-6417 or reinhart@DisCom.com.