Client/Server Programming Using the Web
Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing

This months presentation will demonstrate how you can develop customized client/server systems using the World Wide Web as your network. The Client is a Delphi program; it need not be browser/html based. The Server is implemented as a Delphi dll; the Web Server is simply used as a connection manager. Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing, will investigate the central issues of Web based development Delphi Developers should be familiar with. The topics he will consider include:

  1. HTTP - the World Wide Web protocol
  2. ISAPI - the API used to implement extensions to the Microsoft Web Server (IIS)
  3. THttpClient, THttpServer - Delphi classes that have been developed to facilitate client/server communications using the World Wide Web.
  4. EmIIS - an IIS emulator program developed to facilitate debugging of Web applications.

The THttpClient and THttpServer classes are the key elements to this technology. They use a special protocol developed on top of HTTP to allow communications. They are capable of passing any type and length of data -- string, binary, and files. The details of the protocol and implementation techniques will be presented in depth.

This meeting of the Worcester County Computer Society and the Delphi Developers Group is at 7:00 PM on April 26, 1999. The location is Kronos, Inc., 400 Fifth Avenue, Waltham, MA

Heading South on Route 128 / I95 take Waltham Exit 27A, Totton Pond Road. Proceed up the exit ramp and cross over the Route 128 overpass. At the second traffic light (the first and second traffic light are separated by about 50 feet) turn right onto Third Avenue.

Heading North on Route 128 / I95 take Waltham Exit 27A, Totton Pond Road. Proceed up the exit ramp and just before the traffic light, bear right towards the stop sign. Turn right onto Third Avenue.

On Third Avenue, proceed about a 100 yards and turn left onto Fifth Avenue, the first "real" left just before the Westin Hotel. Proceed up the hill on Fifth Avenue, at the top turn (bear) right. You will pass 4 buildings (3 red brick and 1 tan brick) on your left. Kronos is located in the last (4th) building on you left, the only tan brick building in the office park.

Park in the parking lot and proceed to the main entrance of the tan brick building. Signs in the lobby will direct you to the meeting room.

Additional Information:
Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems
Voice: 508/869-6417