JBuilder 3 - Java for the Delphi Developer
Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems

The October meeting of the Delphi Developers Group of Greater Boston will focus on a review and demonstration of JBuilder 3, the latest release of Borland's visual development tool for creating 100% Pure Java enterprise-scale, distributed applications for the Java 2 platform. JBuilder 3 includes a unique combination of features for creating platform-independent business and database applications, distributed Enterprise applications, and JavaBean components. JBuilder 3 delivers a comprehensive set of tools for creating pure Java applications, applets, servlets, JavaBeans, and Enterprise JavaBeans.

JBuilder features that will be reviewed include:

For a complete list of JBuilder 3 features, white papers, and reviews visit the JBuilder home page: http://www.borland.com/jbuilder/

The October 18th meeting starts at 7:00PM and is held at Kronos, Inc. 400 Fifth Avenue, Waltham, MA. For detailed directions and a map visit www.DisCom.com/Delphi.

Al Reinhart Phone: (508) 869-6417