Paolo Botti Quintet
Leggende Metropolitane
Caligola 2035-2

Paolo Botti, viola; Alessandro Bosetti, soprano saxophone; Marina Ciccarelli, trombone; Tito Mangialajo Rantzer, acoustic bass; Filippo Monico, drums.

Wynton Marsalis' immensely short-sighted proclamation to the effect that extended improvised music has somehow become outmoded, is challenged head-on by this wonderful Italian group, whose linear writing style is conceptually far in advance of anything in the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra's band book. The powerful, musical motives that serve as a unifying force in the session are proof positive of the idea that individual, improvised statements are central to the advancement of the Jazz art form. The use contrasting tempi, dynamics, and intervallic ideas sets this ensemble apart from the rest; very few musicians anywhere can draw upon such a broad spectrum of colors. The eight expressive Botti originals represented here are more than enough to support a doctoral dissertation.

Bravo, Maestro Botti!

by James D. Armstrong, Jr.

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