You Go to My Head

ES Records

Elena Suchankova, vocalist; Frantisek Kucera, trumpet; Frantisek Kop, saxophones; Radek Rybar, violin; Jiri Mucha, sitar, tampura; Mirek Linka, guitars; Radek Krampl, vibraphone; Mark Aanderud, piano; Jerome Davies, acoustic bass; Milos Vacik, percussion; Pavel Razim, drums.

With this beautiful debut recording, vocalist, lyricist, and arranger Elena Suchankova demonstrates that unit cohesion and interaction are at the caore of next-generation improvised musical art. Suchankova transcends the clichés of vocalist and virtuoso rhythm section in favor of true ensemble performances. 

Eleven contrasting pieces showcase this international group's remarkable rapport and sensitivity.

Highlights include the ingenious, groove-based interpretation of "You, The Night and The Music"; the atmospheric originals by Davies,  "Chains" and "Colder Light"; and the title track, a heartfelt duo performance with Aanderud.      

We are pleased to offer this excellent new CD through Jazz Now Direct mail order catalog.

by James D. Armstrong, Jr.

Editor, Music in Transition    

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