Mary Ann Douglas

Does Thinking Just Make It That Way?

Mary Ann Douglas, vocals; Mundell Lowe, electric guitar; Mike Wofford, piano; Bob Magnusson, bass; Jim Plank, percussion; Peter Sprague, acoustic guitar; John Rekevics, sax, flute Rephael Harp, harmonica; Dave, Hoffman, trumpet/flugelhorn

The first thought is something like ' did she get access to all those great musicians?' The answer is pretty clear after running through the album; the material is so good that the musicians probably stood in line to get some of the goodies. All music, lyrics and production by Mary Ann Douglas, which adds up to quite an achievement. Her singing is unstrained and unaffected - which means she doesn't try to sound like someone else - and thus easy on the ear. One wouldn't have to guess too much to hear a fair amount of autobiography in the lyrics. This is most evident on 'Waiting" (my favorite on the album), which is utterly charming. The lady sounds nice, but this 'niceness' is not meant as a derogative. (You never know, there may really be a few nice people around.) Most of the musicians supporting Ms Douglas here need no introduction to the average Jazz fan. They perform marvelously and one feels that it is Ms Douglas who inspires them to show their own sensitivity. Great musicians, great tunes and lyrics and a lady who sounds like somebody a guy could pour his heart out to.

by Lawrence Brazier

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