The Mike Longo Trio

Still Swingin'

Consolidated Artists Productions

Mike Longo, piano; Ben Brown, bass; Ray Mosca, drums

It is inconceivable that a man could kick off a career with Cannonball Adderley, spend twenty-two years with Dizzy Gillespie and still not be world famous. Well, we know all about the unsung heroes of our favorite music. Wonderful pianists are legion and the poor devils all need a gimmick or a good manager to get them under the spotlight.

Mike Longo is a new name to me (perhaps I should look closer at Dizzy's lineups). His ability, however, is as old as the hills and as well founded. This is a lovely record. A ramble through part of a much-loved repertoire. Oscar Peterson hangs phantom-like in the background of this standard piano trio set. Ben Brown's bass booms solidly along with Ray Moscats tasteful drumming. But Mike's debt to Oscar has long been paid. They really get off on I didn't Know What Time It Was. The chords are given a blossoming resonance and the guys swing with a relaxed, oh-so-very-hip, laid-back groove.

'Hush chil', warn friends when I maintain that Jazz is background music for me. But they assume too quickly what that means. I listen to about six hours of Jazz daily. I sashay around the house attending to my little duties, and always to a favorite groove. Jazz has become a part of my eating and sleeping, my very breathing. Of the hundreds of CDs on the racks, this will be one of the select couple of dozen that will be continually played. The Mike Longo Trio is here to stay as far as I'm concerned.

by Lawrence Brazier

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