Fiona Burnett
Venus Rising

Swinging on a New Moon
Cheeky Thunk; Venus Rising
Door Deal; Blue in Green
Twenty Seven
Bronte's Chant

Fiona Burnett (soprano sax); Mark Fitzgibbon, piano; Tony Paye, bass; Andrew Swann, drums

Fiona is a young Australian Jazz Saxophonist displaying her playing talents on the soprano saxophone. Most of the tunes have been written by Fiona, who seems to be generally concerned with the Avant Garde approach. At times the musical lines are severe and unattractive, but on "Door Deal" the music swings and "Blue and Green" is treated with space. Both are therefore more acceptable as a result.
It is surprising to find such advanced musical concepts coming from Australia, however, I don't particularly care for any of the music contained herein, although Mark Fitzgibbon and Tony Paye both give a good account of themselves, but that is small recompense. The content here is fairly experimental which may require the listener to understand the more technical side of music making.

By Al Merritt

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