Joe Augustine

Cool Today, Jazz Tonight

1201 Music

Joe Augustine, piano; Denny Jiosa, guitar; Steve Novosel, bass; Chester Thompson, drums

Strong, positive touch. Knows his way around the keyboard just like any good pianist should. Sort of cocktail Jazz, if you don't mind spilling your drink. Lush, almost rhapsodic in parts (the missus loved this one). Also touches of the Ramsey Lewis thing. It is a bit hard not to think of Oscar when you listen to Night Train. Joe Augustine is a good piano player, which somehow doesn't become really obvious in a swinging sense until you have settled in and can start digging him for what he his putting out. By track eight (from 12) you start to relax and stop expecting Art Tatum. I would personally kill to be able to do half of what Joe does. It'l bet when he is not just promoting Steinway he hipper. Recommended for easy listening.

by Lawrence Brazier

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