Janice Franco

Passion of My Soul

BAP Records

Ja Franco, vocals; Larry Fratangelo, drums/percussion; Robert Tye, guitar; Patrick Cronley, Dale Grisa, piano; Dan Kolton, Patrick Prowty, Rich Kowelewski, bass

One of the pics in the PR folder has her looking like Catherine Deneauve, in other words a lady who could ruin a guy's life. She really turns on the heat when presenting lyrics in that loveliest of languages, Portuguese. There's lots of the Bossa Nova groove, but she is less effective in English (in which she is still paying dues to a whole bag of Streisand chops) and her Latin languages prove to be her real strength. The musicians give off lush vibes, accordingly. Ja Franco's rendition of If I Fell reminds us of how good Lennon and McCartney could be. This is a night club singer's record. Could be torchy. Could touch the feelings of the right person at the right moment. Recommended to the incurably soft hearted.

                                                                                 by Lawrence Brazier

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