Kali Fasteau


Flying Note Records (FNCD 9007)


Kali Fasteau, soprano saxophone, voice, flutes, and various instruments; Sabir Mateen, alto and tenor saxophones, flute; Joe McPhee, soprano saxophone, pocket trumpet; William Parker, bass; Ron McBee, Djembe & African percussion; Hamid Drake, drums, Bindir, voice.

In an age of hip "retro bands and other relentlessly derivative sounds, we should be thankful for musical trailblazers like Kali Fasteau.Vivid succeeds both as a fascinating exploration of instrumental color, and as performances that dare to work beyond the level of simple denotation.

Fasteau writes, "I named the pieces on Vivid according to the aural suggestion of each work and its counterpart in the visual spectrum. With various hues and instrumental timbres serving as springboards for improvisation, listeners should adjust their expectations to accommodate the realities of cutting-edge music.

Fifteens masterful pieces are presented, and their highly open forms support a full range of complex emotions, from the introspection of Tamil Blue, to the stream-of-conscious associations in Magenta.

by James D. Armstrong, Jr.

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