Peter Martin

Something Unexpected


Peter Martin, piano; Nicholas Payton, trumpet & flugelhorn; Brice Winston, tenor saxophone; Reginald Veal, bass; Adonis Rose, drums


A MAXJAZZ effort, not unexpected, up to standard, great packaging, the best musicians around, Bruce Barth hovering in the background. A great crew all round. Jazz, real Jazz and live at that. Lovely stuff. Pianist Peter Martin is, well, peerless. This is a record for Jazz aficionados, although that is also a bit silly because all you will really need is the grace to enjoy that special gut feeling you get when the band are together and blowing. Peter Martin is one wonderful pianist who should be getting regular gigs just about anywhere he cares to snap his fingers. Nicholas Payton doesn't come across as the big star he is, he really digs in with the guys and his contribution is beautiful. A terrific record. Keep tuned in to Martin, he deserves to be listened to. Highly recommended.                                                                              

Lawrence Brazier

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