Dave Askren Trio

Re: Bill Evans

String Jazz SJRCD1029

Dave Askren, guitar; Mike Flick, bass; Steve Sykes, drums

The memory lingers on, and the cult of Bill Evans is again given posthumous expression. With Dave Askren taking the great man's chair, providing not a little of the sensitivity required, it is left to Mike Flick and Steve Sykes to be as equally expressive in the footsteps of those musicians who were so carefully selected by Evans in his day. The result is a triumph. This is not merely a selection of tunes performed by the famous Evans trios the nuance, the feel, the entire "Evensness" of this tribute has been captured in fact, I found myself listening for the rattle of knives and plates that somehow became a part of the atmospherics in the famous recordings at the Village Vanguard in the early sixties. And yet, Askren andCo.have somehow performed the miracle of retaining their own identities while submitting themselves to a still pervasive presence. Askren has plenty of chops, all of which he uses to the full, and he really has found two sympathetic guys who fully uphold their end in the realization of this thoroughly worthwhile CD. Recommended.

by LawrenceBrazier

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