Frank Jackson

Swingin' And All Dressed To Go

Kasis Records, LLC KR-002

Frank Jackson, piano; Brian Kane, guitar; Bill Langlois, bass; Terry Miller, bass; Eddie Pasternak, guitar; Raul Ramirez, drums, percussion

Frank jackson is one of the honored legendary San Francisco Bay Area giants of Jazz and a true charismatic entertainer. He is known for his vastly endless repertoiré of the American songbook, including his love for rare and seldom heard songs. Frank has a reputation for his swinging, understated elegance, no nonsense piano style and graces us with his velvety smooth warm vocals.

Further remarkable is Frank Jackson's ability to bring to the recording studio's clinical atmosphere the joyful spontaneity of a live performance. This is apparent throughout the 15 tracks on this CD, his second CD, the first being The Frank Jackson Trio I Should Care.

Franks affinity for songs made famous in the early 1940's. He exhibits an uncommon knowing way with "I Had the Craziest Dream," "Tangerine" and "Moonlight Becomes You." Perhaps it's because his musicial awakening occurred during this period, when his interest in playing piano were sparked.

Three forgotten gems Frank has chosen to revive are "Chloe," "Careless," and Jerome Kern's 1914 composition, They Didn't Believe Me," all of which are done in Frank's own distinctive style. He takes the Bill Evans/Gene Lees classic, "Waltz for Debby" uptempo, making it quite different from previous renditions."I Hadn't Anyone Till You" and "love Walked In" are exceptionally warm.

"Six Bridges To Cross," an obscure tune only sung by Sammy Davis, Jr., as the introductory song in the movie of the same title, captures you and draws you into the feeling of this beautiful ballad.

The traditional Frank Jackson trio is expanded to a quintet on "Flamingo," "You Be So Nice To Come Home To," both in a latin tempo, Stella by Starlight," and the only non-vocal on the disc, Chasin' The Bird." Destined to be a favorite instrumental. Added to the mix on these four tracks are Eddie Pasternak, trading guitar licks with Brian Kane, and percussionist Raul Ramirez, rhythmically assisting Bill Langlois' bass.

Frank brings these sessions to an intimate conclusion, as he solos on "Serenade in Blue," accompanying himself on this exquisite 1942 Harry Warren ballad.

Swingin' And All Dresses To Go unquestionably swings. Dress is Optional.

by Dick Stevens

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