Furuhashi Tsuyoshi 


Studio Wee, SW209

Furuhashi Tsuyoshi, flutes & tenor saxophone; Togashi Hal-Oh, piano & keyboard; Tsunoda Tsugoto, turntable, sampler, electronic effects; Ono Seigen, electronic effects; Kaido Yutaka, bass; Nishiyama Katsuyuki, stick; Koyama Shota, drums. 

Furuhashi is a near-perfect embodiment of next-generation musical art to the extent that it embraces a broad palette or spectrum of sound. By exploring contrasting textures and instrumentation, the leader successfully challenges mainstream Jazz conventions head-on. 

A case in point is the ingenious, multi-level performance, "Gravity". Here, a driving, tonal center-based groove gives way to an intermezzo drum solo, a duet with piano and drums, a trio with flute, piano, and percussion, and a surreal, electronic coda. The episodic structure of the piece offers convincing proof that new avenues of expression exist over and beyond conventional theme-and-variations. 

The piano and saxophone duets, including "July" and "A Ghost of Roseraie de L'Hay" are miniature masterpieces; Togashi's expressive, chromatic approach to the modern grand piano is worth repeated listening.   And the pulse-driven trio track, "On Call From the Other", is evidence of a rhythmic concept that stands with the best in creative music.  

by James D. Armstrong, Jr.

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