Johnny Maddox

Where the Southern Crosses the Yellow Dog

Crazy Otto Music CO 006

Johnny Maddox, piano.

This CD is the last of the three Collectors' Edition box set; these CDs are the first major releases by Johnny Maddox in over thirty years. The first nine tracks are by W. C. Handy, and Johnny plays some classics as well as lesser known pieces; there are a further eleven tracks of blues, rags and Dixieland. Johnny Maddox does not disappoint; playing with flair and spirit he romps through the blues at a cracking pace, his hand is never heavy, his poise is immaculate and his arrangements are excellent. As with the other CDs in this collection, this one comes complete with information about every tune. Rare sheet music is displayed from Johnnyís own collection of over 200,000 examples of the genre. If youíre wondering about the title, it's all about railway lines crossing. If you like your ragtime played on a piano; this collection is for you.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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