Johnny Maddox

Cowboys and Indians

Crazy Otto Music CO 005

Johnny Maddox, piano.

Johnny Maddox playing songs of the Old West; or how we fondly imagine the Old West to be, with the help of Tin Pan Alley. The second CD of a set of three, it is all about Cowboys and Indians; music from the first part of the twentieth century. Maddox is always right on the money for style and just that right amount of swagger. He is a controlled, sensitive player who revels in his ragtime playing. We have eighteen tracks, from "Springtime In The Rockies", "Ragtime Cowboy Joe", "Roll Along Prairie Moon", "The Yellow Rose of Texas", tangos, waltzes, cakewalks. Think Tex Ritter, Roy Rogers; close your eyes and invent your own screenplay as the music plays on. As with the first CD I found the liner notes very informative concerning the music; and some great covers of the original sheet music. I would really like to hang the cover of "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue", on my wall! You cannot go wrong with this CD for keeping a jaunt to your step, buy it now.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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