Mitch Seidman

How'Bout It?


Mitch Seidman, electric and acoustic guitar; Mark Shilansky, piano; Paul Del Nero, acoustic bass; Luther Gray, drums

 Astonishing, remarkable, who are these people? I have never heard of them before, and I have the feeling that I should have. The liner notes tell us that these four guys have been around a bit. There are credentials enough for Seidman (anyone with the barest knowledge of German would be unable to resist the joke) who leads here, and right well he does at the job. Shilansky is something of a revelation, however. One has the feeling of listening to a pianist of enormous accomplishment and Kenny Wheeler, Clark Terry, Phil Woods and Herb Pomeroy seem to have agreed in the past. Del Nero and Gray can also rack up a few big-time names as previous partners. The entire set is of the guitar persuasion and all of the tunes (including Seidman's own, of course) are from the pens of well-known guitarists. Seidman also touches upon the writing of four European guitarists and what one finds most compelling is his obvious familiarity with all of the material, but not just melodically for he seems to have caught the flavor, the nuance of the various tunes and their respective writers. Del Nero and Gray contribute mightily to the spirit of inventiveness and Shilansky can be absolutely captivating. His explorative work is thoughtfully executed and rendered with a lovely tone. Recommended. Nice to hear a recording that really is going somewhere. May the gods continue with them.

by LawrenceBrazier

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