Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing Trio

In Full Swing

With Wynton Marsalis and Jane Moheit

Mark O'Connor, violin; Frank Vignola, guitar; Jon Burr, bass; Wynton Marsalis, trumpet; Jane Monheit, vocals.

Celebrated violinist Mark O'Connor kicks off with a strong full sound on the title track "In Full Swing" ­ and it's just that; his vibrant trio comprising Frank Vignola on guitar and Jon Burr on bass sets us up firmly with Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt. Add to this Wynton Marsalis and Jane Monheit and we can be sure we are in safe hands; "Honeysuckle Rose" has all three of them exposing just enough for you to realise that you could listen to this all day. "One Beautiful Evening" played by the trio allows the guitar of Frank Vignola to stretch in this slow and thoughtful piece. "Misty" has Jane caressing the melody lovingly and O'Connor backing delicately with a sensitive touch. Marsalis and O'Connor open "Tiger Rag" with a flourishing fanfare, then treat us to some virtuoso galloping; followed by a melodic side duet by the same pair in "As Time Goes By", sang with emotion by Monheit. The trio rounds it all up with "Limehouse Blues" in typical flamboyant fashion. They all present a delightful clarity of sound; a beautiful tone combined with a feel and vision for their music which communicates readily. This is quality playing by musicians at their articulate best; how could you fail to buy it?

by Ferdinand Maylin

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