Philip Hernández

the beat of my heart

PH 92867

Raul Agraz, trumpet; Bobby Allende, percussion; John Benthal, guitar; Vince Cherico, drums; Wilson Corniel, congas; Bobby Franceschini, tenor and alto saxophones; Philip Hernandez, vocals; Oscar Hernández, piano; Brian Lynch, trumpet; Ricardo Pons, baritone sax; Ruben Rodriguez, bass; Chris Washburne, trombone

This is a very good debut album for accomplished actor, Philip Hernández; a star of musicals, he sings as though he is permanently on stage.

It sets off in sizzling fashion with "I'm Old Fashioned", bright horns in this light and zippy number. It would be difficult to find a fault in this carefully crafted CD; the arranging by Ray Santos, Oscar Hernández and Marty Sheller is of the highest quality; the band is as tight and bright as you could wish for. Blend this with the intoxicating Latin touch, Mr. Hernández in full artistic flow, and we have something special. His voice is rich, delicate, yet powerful when needed; creative and positively therapeutic in its timbre; listen to "For All We Know". He obviously feels comfortable with his backing, he blends with a natural ease and can match fire with fire; "Night and Day" is a good example. For the men this is one to buy for your lady, don't be surprised if you like it as well!

by Ferdinand Maylin

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