Wayne Raglan - Spacewalk

Wayne Raglan



Wayne Raglan, guitar

Making the most of electronic wizardry, Wayne Raglan starts us off with an other-worldly feeling in "Spacewalk"; floating rhythmic back up overlaid with solo guitar. "Innocence" has some good interwoven passages and the gentle, tuneful ballad "Lily's Lullaby" struck just the right effect. "Guitar and Woodwind" swung nicely and the pulse was just where it should be, excellent track this one. Wayne's musical construction is restrained and simple (quite unusual when electronics gets involved); it has an uncluttered feel to it but remains very entertaining. Perhaps next time he will be more adventurous but still be able to keep us all onboard. He also offers us nothing about himself in his liner notes, keeping very tight lipped he gives us only his name, rank and number. Despite that, anyone who does not mind their music electronically induced will find this CD most acceptable.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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