Gene Deitch

The CAT On A Hot Thin Groove

Fantagraphic Books ISBN: 1-56097-526-1

This is one coffee table book destined to spend very little time on the coffee table. More often than not you and your guests will have it in your hands enjoying the art, words, and humor of Gene Deitch and his quintessential jazz fanatic, the "CAT".

The book chronicles the history of the Cat through every installment of the "Record Changer" magazine up to contemporary sightings in Europe (Mr. Deitch's current residence). It is done with loving and excruciating attention to detail and context. Images of the original publication pages stretch across the bottom of each chapter while the images and Mr. Deitch's commentary are highlighted above.

A wonderful bonus is the fact that Mr. Deitch is as warm and engaging with words as he is with his artistic talents. He provides his own insights and background to each of the CAT's adventures, putting lingo and historical events into fascinating and enthralling perspective.

This is a must for all jazz fans. Just be prepared to find it anywhere in the house but where you left it!!

by Stan Bann

Jazz Now Interactive February Vol 13 No. 9 - Table of Contents