Cornelia Moore


One World Music OWMCD 03 1

Cornelia Moore, vocals, piano; Reggie Moore, piano; Mack Goldsbury, soprano saxophone; Kevin Burrell, percussion.

This is Cornelia Moore's debut CD with 'One World Music', a German company whose philosophy is to bring together different styles and create a crossover product with the most natural sounds available. Cornelia sings from a deep place, her voice resonates lush and low. On "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life" Reggie Moore addresses the piano with stately solemn strokes and Cornelia places her words with soulful dignity, a moving opening track. She wrote the lyrics and music for five of the eight tracks, Thelonious Monk's "Round Midnight" follows the same treatment, often the use of vibrato is used in the lower register, changing to a rich, clear sound when she begins to soar, the piano has a lot to say on this piece. "Voice Of The Wind" is atmospheric and aching, "Lonely Woman" by Ornette Coleman is sung with brooding heartache and a deep despair, "Every Goodbye Becomes A Hello", her own piece, again offers torment and pain. "Beloved" shades a quieter melancholy and the final track "Metamorphosis" continues the rich vein; "Oh, how I long to leave my cocoon.spreading my wings I'll chant with the moon."

The recording was made at the Siemensvilla Concert Hall in Berlin; Marlene Dietrich has recorded there. Cornelia's singing is heartfelt and dramatic; it's dark beauty is haunting. An unusual CD for when you feel a brown study coming on.

by Ferdinand Maylin

New Sounds - February 2005

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